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We offer help in the following areas:

  • Visioning, Strategic Planning, & Goal Setting

    Executive teams throughout the business world have spent countless hours developing and honing their company’s mission and vision statements, only to receive a ho-hum reaction from their employees.

    Notebooks are filled with strategic plans, only to be placed on the shelf until the next year. Goals are only loosely tied to the vision, strategic plans and other goals, leading to disappointing results.

    We can help you avoid these situations through the creation of a focused vision and strategic plans that energize employees. We help you create goals that support your desired future and create bottom line results.


  • Performance Improvement & Cost Reduction

    Every company looks for ways to get a jump on its competition and improve its bottom line. We work with your management team and employees to analyze your situation and identify ways to reduce costs and increase profits. Most consultants stop at this point in the process. However, we continue to work with you to ensure implementation and measure impact. We help you through the change process and then help you institutionalize the change using such tools as Total Quality Management and Business Process Redesign as appropriate to your organization and situation. We produce results, not just promises.


  • Executive Testing & Assessment

    Hiring a new executive or making an internal move is a big challenge for an organization. You make the best choices you can based on information from interviews, references, and experience. However, research has shown that most executives that “derail” do so because of less obvious qualities such as personality and organization “fit.” You deserve the information needed to help avoid a costly mistake.

    We start the assessment process by gathering information from you about the culture of your organization. Using well-researched personality and ability tests, we can then provide you with additional information about candidates to help you make educated decisions.

    Although other firms may offer executive assessments, the partners of The McCollum Group bring a unique combination of qualities to the process that most firms cannot offer. We have the experience of successfully working in executive positions for major corporations. We understand the demands of executive positions. Additionally, we have a technical understanding of tests and testing. A Licensed Psychologist analyzes all of the test results. 

  • Individual & Group Coaching

    Coaching can provide multiple benefits to an individual and an organization. Sometimes the target of the coaching is underperforming. Sometimes the target has high potential and can profit from outside mentoring. We consider our coaching engagements to be a partnership between the individual, the organization, and the coach. Our coaching is focused on meeting specific objectives through leveraging the individual’s strengths as well as targeting their specific developmental opportunities.

    We target teams as well as individuals in our coaching activities. As organizations place greater emphasis on teamwork, the coaching of teams becomes more important. As any sports enthusiast knows, teamwork does not just happen.

  • Training Design & Implementation

    The partners of The McCollum Group have over 30 years experience in the design and implementation of custom designed training programs, with topic areas ranging from leadership training to specific job skills. We can create a customized program from scratch based on a specific need you have identified or based on a training needs analysis that we conduct. Or, we can develop a program based upon modules from previously created programs. We are available to present programs to your employees, or we can train your own employees to do so.

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